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About Courageous Survival

Our mission is to support our military, veterans, first responders & their families with mental health & wellness resources, as well as provide peer support, navigation of those resources, advocacy, outreach, trainings, & much more. We work with many individuals who are struggling with a variety of mental health challenges including Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries, PTSD, suicide ideation & other debilitating mental health issues. When individuals are struggling with suicide ideation specifically, our goal is to promote responsible gun ownership by helping those individuals or their support systems to come up with a safety plan to keep them safe. This could look like helping them with a safety plan for firearms storage, using gun locks, safes, separation of ammo, etc. It could also look like using the buddy check system & allowing your firearms to be temporarily held by someone of your choosing until help is engaged. We do not support gun control measures or removal of gun rights. We believe in getting to the 'roots' of the trauma or mental health issue, dealing with the concerns at that level. Then, connecting people with culturally competent resources that understand & are experienced with our demographic, education & advocacy. 

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