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Meet Kyson

Just a little over one year ago, July 9, 2022, this sweet, blue eyed baby boy came barreling into this world.


He came a month early but you'd never know it by the way he's grown and learned things so fast. 

Kyson is the first, and only boy in our family. He has the biggest, sweetest personality and more than full of hugs and kisses for everyone.


He loves his sister and brother so much it just makes you smile to see him get so excited to see them. To say Kyson is a Mama’s Boy is THE biggest understatement. If Mama is around everyone else isn’t lol.


Kyson is his daddy’s mini, big time. It’s about the cutest thing to see them together to witness this (see second photo below). 

The Diagnoses

Kyson was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in June 2023. That week he started having trouble having BMs then as the week went on he started eating and drinking less.


Thursday his pediatrician did an ultrasound thinking he was constipated or had a blockage of some kind.  Friday morning they got a call from the pediatrician’s office saying they needed to get to Primary Children’s Hospital ASAP.


The office had already contacted the hospital, arrangements had been made for them, and doctors were waiting for their arrival.


They did a CT scan Friday morning when they arrived, surgery the next morning to put in his port and a biopsy of his tumor.


Then Tuesday he started chemo -- 3 days of that. He kept getting a fever and had to have blood transfusions. They ended up being in the hospital for a week in a half almost 2 weeks.

Kyson's Parents

This happened so fast that Myranda and Kyle had no time to prepare for anything.


They had no idea how long they would be there. The only thing they knew was that Kyson had a mass in his little tummy that they thought was cancer and needed to do testing ASAP.


Kyle rushed home from work and Myranda frantically got some things together and they rushed down to SLC.


They got there that afternoon and they immediately started testing. Over the next few days they did blood work and a bone marrow extraction.


By Tuesday the next week he was getting his first dose of chemo, which totally and completely kicked his little butt.


It was devastating to us all to see our brave, strong little man so sick and in the fight of his little life.  

How You Can Help

Raffle proceeds and donations will be used for traveling expenses to and from Salt Lake City (they live in Rigby), food, hotel (they can't stay at the Ronald McDonald house unless he gets super sick) and medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance.

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